This site is a record of how Question Time panellists voted in the 2016 EU membership referendum.

It covers all panellists that appeared between the referendum taking place (23rd June 2016) and the UK's departure from the European Union (31st January 2020).

Between the referendum and when the UK left the European Union, there were 337 panellists that appeared on Question Time.

Of these, only 69 have stated they voted to Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum.
Vote Number of panellists
Leave 69
Remain 160
Did Not/Spoiled Vote 10
Unknown 98

Latest Show

30 January 2020 - Buxton

Unknown image Sarah Jones
No quote available.
Flag of the EU Minette Batters
I voted Remain but I believe passionately in democracy.
Twitter (31/12/19)
Flag of the EU Sacha Lord
Twitter (23/06/16)
Flag of the UK Geoff Norcott
I think that there's a lot of leave voters like me that think that they see immigration as a necessary and welcome part of any liberal democracy...
Question Time (14/12/2017)