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Thursday, 21 November, 2019
Flag of the EU Robert Jenrick
Turnout 80% & rising as voted in Southwell, Newark just now. I voted @StrongerIn for jobs, economic stability & a strong voice in the world
Twitter (23/06/16)
Flag of the EU Philippa Whitford
Polls open 'til 10pm tonight. Make sure you vote in the EU Ref. I've voted to Remain as there are many challenges we need to face together.
Twitter (23/06/16)
Flag of the EU Chuka Umunna
Just took the family to #VoteRemain
Twitter (23/06/16)
Flag of the UK Sherelle Jacobs
I voted Brexit. I know a lot of young people who voted Brexit and didn't tell anyone...
Twitter (15/02/18)