Show Balance

Thursday, 4 April, 2019

Due to ongoing Brexit votes at Westminster, the show was moved from Bolton to Dulwich in London.

Flag of the EU Jeremy Wright
I voted remain in the EU, so I am disappointed by the outcome, but I believe strongly that it must be respected.
jeremywright.org.uk (16/05/17)
Flag of the EU David Lammy
#iVoted REMAIN for peace, prosperity, jobs and for not taking a huge risk. So did @jeremycorbyn and so should you
Twitter (23/06/16)
Flag of the EU Ash Sarkar
I voted Remain, but the sight of prominent anti-Brexit voices using the massacre of 49 Muslims to bang their drum is beyond insulting.
Twitter (15/03/19)
Flag of the UK Charles Moore
...but I'm certainly the only person who voted leave.
Question Time (04/04/2019)