This site is a record of how Question Time panellists have voted in the 2016 EU membership referendum.

Since the referendum, there have been 408 panellists that have appeared on Question Time.

Of these, only 75 have stated they voted to Leave in the 2016 EU Referendum.
Vote Number of panellists
Leave 75
Remain 182
Did Not/Spoiled Vote 11
Unknown 140

Latest Show

19 November 2020 - West London

Flag of the EU Emily Thornberry
As I did. (Answering: Your constituency voted about three quarters for remain)
The Institute for Government keynote speech (06/02/19)
Flag of the EU Ian Blackford
No quote available.
Unknown image Rose Hudson-Wilkin
No quote available.
Flag of the UK Fraser Nelson
Had David Cameron been given a proper renegotiation – or at least something he could plausibly describe to voter as “far-reaching reform” – then any reluctant Leave voters (myself included) would have voted Remain.
The Telegraph (25/06/16)